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Maximize Your Teams Performance

Sales managers lead by example—intentionally or unintentionally.

What's Your Team's Performance Telling You?

Sales managers expect their sales teams to be committed, focused, and productive. Do you know how to lead them there?

Sandler-trained managers...

  • Organize their time around high-priority and goal-oriented activities
  • Keep sales meetings on point… and on time
  • Document plans and measure progress
  • Hold people accountable for the activities to which they have committed

Improving Sales Team Performance

Participants will identify the reasons for and benefits of making sales calls with their sales team members. They will examine a five-step process to prepare for, conduct, learn from, and put into action the lessons learned from joint calls. They will also examine two useful tools – a call planning worksheet and an observation checklist – to help them implement the process. Participants will identify members of their sales teams with whom to make joint calls and the reasons for doing so.

Time Management and Delegation

Participants will view time as a non-renewable resource that they are free to frame however they choose. They will learn to schedule their activities in a time-oriented matrix. They will learn how to handle time wasters and interruptions and look at tips, tools, and techniques to organize time effectively. They will learn how to use delegates as a powerful way of working smarter, allowing them to put their time into the areas of their work that are most critical.

Get the tools to help you build, motivate and lead a high-performing sales team.