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Brian Jackson, Sandler coach from San Diego, talks about productivity hacks: how to measure and manage productivity. Productivity is one of the most important aspects of any business. Productivity isn't just about quantity—it's also about quality. It can also be one of the most difficult to measure and manage.

In this podcast, we'll talk about how sometimes small goals can be more motivating than big goals, and how having a clear plan with specific and measurable goals is important for success.

Key Topics and Timestamps

  • 0:00:02 - How to Succeed at Measuring and Managing Productivity
  • 0:02:31 - The Different Types of Goals and Measurements
  • 0:03:50 - The Importance of Tracking Sales Behaviors
  • 0:11:45 - The Importance of Goal Setting in Sales
  • 0:13:35 - The Impact of Consistency on Sales
  • 0:17:30 - The Benefits of Blocking Time and Moving Calendar Blocks
  • 0:19:09 - The Importance of Tracking Sales Behaviors and Metrics
  • 0:20:50 - The Importance of a CRM in Sales
  • 0:22:36 - The Different Ways That Salespeople Can Find Prospects
  • 0:24:04 - The Importance of Managing Your Team's Individual Productivity Plans
  • 0:25:29 - The Sandler Summit: A Conversation with Sandler Trainer Paul McCord

Key Takeaways

  • The quantity metrics keep us honest on our behaviors, but the quality metrics help with leadership and your Sandler coach knowing what might we need to lean into and increase our effectiveness in terms of our techniques.
  • Two people with two completely different plans can land at the same number of conversations, the same number of prospects, the same number of proposals, and the same number of closed deals.


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