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Matt Phelan, Founder of the Happiness Index, talks about productive workforces.

In order to create an impactful and successful business, employees need to have confidence and the right attitude. This means treating people with respect and understanding, and not just seeing them as a means to an end. When employees are happy and engaged at work, they are more productive and the company thrives. Employee engagement is key to the success of any organization. Listen to the podcast to learn the secret to getting your team on board and engaged in their work!

Key Topics and Timestamps

  • 0:00:02 - How to Succeed at Employee Engagement
  • 0:02:50 - The Power of Employee Engagement in Business Success
  • 0:03:57 - The Business Case for Happiness: Why the Happiness of Your Employees Matters So Much
  • 0:05:50 - The Impact of Employee Engagement on Business Success
  • 0:07:59 - The Relationship Between Engagement and Happiness in the Workplace
  • 0:09:36 - The Benefits of Psychological Safety in the Workplace
  • 0:13:06 - The Benefits of a Positive Work Environment
  • 0:15:17 - The Benefits of the Happiness Index in the Workplace
  • 0:17:00 - The Power of Happiness in the Workplace
  • 0:18:43 - How a Simple Motto Helped One Entrepreneur Survive the Pandemic
  • 0:20:36 - The Power of Positivity: How to Succeed in Employee Engagement

Key Takeaways 

  • Using the information to make better choices will result in happier employees, less turnover, and higher sales.
  • Having great relationships at work is the foundation for success.


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