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Quote Within the first year of training, things changes significantly. I started to form a framework that told me where I was in the process. I also developed the confidence to let go of prospects who weren't interested in working in our system. This in turn freed up time to focus on the prospects who were a good fit thereby increased my close ratio substantially. Over the next several years our company grew and we added three other sales people. I tried to relay what I had learned from Sandler to them but had little success. In 2010 I determined that we all needed to be part of President's Club in order to develop a consistent way of doing things and to be able to share a common language. After going through this process as a team, we accomplished just what I had hoped and the results followed. I would highly recommend the Sandler Sales system to anyone looking for a systematic approach to sales. Please feel free to contact me with any questions at (970-) 472-8100. Quote

Bryan Soth, HighCraft Builders

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